Referrals from our clients are our best recommendation. Our clients are happy to share their experience working with us, but due to the personal and sensitive nature of our work, only first names are being used to protect their privacy.”

I Can’t Say Enough -They’re an Amazing Duo…

I can’t say enough about Steve & Patty! They’re an amazing duo that did a wonderful job for my son when he was going through a custody battle. They saw the truth and took care of business. We’re so please with the outcome of our case and are truly blessed that they were there to fight for us. Thank y’all so much for everything you did for my son and my grandkids.


A true blessing to have people who actually care about their clients!

I can’t express how much of a blessing it was to have this team by my side when I was rapidly deployed with the GA Army National Guard. They were able to help me make the case for my son to stay where he was for stability while I was away. I am a single mom and a nursing student when I am not deployed. They worked/are working with me on my payments, and did not turn me down just because I did not have a retainer. These people care about the family unit, they care about their Service members, and I feel like the genuinely care about me. Even after the case was over and I was deployed, they contacted me just to see how I was doing and how things at home were going, and if I needed anything else. My fiance and I will be seeking their assistance in the future with a modification to both of our custody cases with our children. Again, a true blessing to have people who actually care about their clients!


Military Divorce Matters

Patricia and Steven were instrumental in guiding successful drafting, calculation and argument for my AK-client’s military divorce retirement division order. For military-divorce matters, look no further.


Go With the Best!

Steven Shewmaker handled my divorce. A true professional at what he does. He’s smart, quick, thorough,knowledgeable and professional in every way. He is well known in the court system for his ability to get things done for his clients. In addition to his talents he is also a gentleman and a just a real nice guy. I hope I never have to use him again but if the time arises he will be my number one pick!!


Always Impressed!

We recently concluded two custody and visitation cases with Patty’s firm and worked directly with Patty for most of the work. Each time we consulted with her or moved forward I felt that she knew exactly what she was doing and gave you the best advice not just the advice you wanted. She set realistic expectations and warned us of potential negative impacts. As a result, we not only came out for the best in the cases but we also were able to maintain a positive co-parenting environment for our families. Patty and her firm are a must hire for family law. Hands down.


Excellent and Tireless

Steve Shewmaker strategized my divorce case within 15 minutes. His detailed knowledge of military divorce law helped me end an abusive marriage with all the benefits I deserved. He handled the mediation extremely well and gave me important advice at every hitch along the way. I can’t thank him enough.


Patty Shewmaker Was Great

Patty did an excellent job assisting me with the division of a military pension. She is very knowledgeable in the area of military law as it pertains to divorces. Patty pays close attention to the details and makes sure you understand those details through easy to understand explanations. She is easy to talk to and always responds to questions or concerns you may have. She is assisted by an equally competent and friendly staff.


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