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Military service is a special experience that is difficult to fully understand unless you have served. Service members, their spouses and retirees share this common experience, and consequently they often see the world quite differently. Military service members, spouses and retirees frequently encounter common legal matters, such as family law matters or state court criminal charges, which become vastly more complicated by their military status. At other times, service members may become involved in legal matters unique to those in the military, such as administrative service discharge, trial by court martial or disputes over Veterans benefits.

Shewmaker & Shewmaker represents many active duty and reserve component service members, their spouses and retirees. The decades of military service the attorneys at Shewmaker and Shewmaker have provided is leveraged to understand our military client’s unique concerns and requirements and help them achieve the best possible outcome. Shewmaker and Shewmaker can represent military service members, retirees, spouses and families in the following areas of military-specific law:

  • Military divorce and family matters
  • Federal government divorce and family matters
  • Veterans Administration benefits
  • Administrative Separation Board defense
  • Security Clearance revocation defense
  • Whistleblower employment defense
  • USERAA and SCRA matters
  • Military records upgrades

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